is an important part of ERA University’s program as it compels the student to become so familiar with the material that they are able to teach it themselves with assurance and self-confidence.

The ERA University is interested in training students, after initial guidance from teachers and staff, to become self-motivated and use their personal and unique voice to communicate the message to their peers and others.

The students, divided into groups of four or five, rotate weekly. The initial groups focused on researching present women’s history curriculum and studying the model ERA curriculum developed by the National Education Association in 1993.

The research and development by the earlier groups is shared with the rest of the class who join in developing a new elementary school curriculum for women’s studies.

The curriculum created by the students as a class, with the supervision of Professor Melanie Klein, will be taken out of the Santa Monica College Classroom and piloted at one of the five Lennox School District Elementary Schools.

Students will participate in implementing the curriculum in the Lennox classroom and use the lessons from the practical application to further refine the curriculum.